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Want to know the right way to promote your product? Use the following method

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If you are a businessman looking for a way to promote a product, then there is one exciting way to try, namely the influence marketing strategy. This strategy can mean you ask influencers to help promote your products.

The next question is, how do you find the right influencers for your product? The answer is to use the chrome influence extension.

What is Chrome Upfluence Extension?

Some of you may still not be familiar with Chrome's Upflunce Extension, right? So let's discuss what Upfluence is first.

Upfluence is a platform used to find influencers on Instagram and other social media. With a database that accommodates approximately 3 million people, Upflunce is the best choice for those who want to find influencers.

What's unique is that you can find influencers that suit your needs using a unique yahoo. The basis of this platform work is keywords and categories so that you can find influencers based on these two things.

Upfluence Extension Chrome is one of Upfluence's services for Chrome extension users so they can search and check the profiles of influencers that they feel are suitable for the product to be advertised.

You can start by searching and downloading the Chrome plugin that has been integrated with a Google account then you can search and check the social media accounts of the influencer in question.


If you want to know how influencers can create various kinds of links in one place, one way that can be used is S, Id.

S.Id is a web application that you can use to shorten website addresses that are too long. In addition to abbreviating addresses, you can also use to store multiple links, often referred to as a multilink microsite.

The features of S.Id make it safe, easy to use, practical, and provide full support for your users.

Using S.Id, you don't need to write down the various social media links you have at length. Instead, just keep it in one place, and people will be able to see all the links you save.

You will undoubtedly benefit greatly from seeing the profiles of influencers who use this method because you can check the social media of these influencers without the hassle of searching.

You also won't visit to contact them if you feel it fits the product you want to promote because their contacts are generally available too.

That's a glimpse of a marketing strategy you can try using the Upfluence Extension Chrome.

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