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6 Types of Internet Digital Marketing You Need to Know

by Admin

You need to learn and know the various types of digital internet marketing that exist today. Its function is none other than to optimize further the digital marketing system that is being implemented.

1. Website

The first type of digital internet marketing is discussed on the Website. Where this Website has a role in showing the professionalism of a company. In addition, another function of a website is to help consumers more easily find out the business you are running. By using a website like this, the promotion process that will be carried out will also be more efficient, considering that the promotional media used are also easy to use.

But to make the Website look more professional. Please use It is none other than a URL shortener marketing application whose use is much more practical. This URL-shortening web application is quite commonplace, but if you use, it is more practical and complete. Moreover, because it is equipped with a multilink microsite, the system is also much safer user friendly, coupled with better support services for Indonesians.

2. Search Engine Marketing

The next type of digital marketing is Search Engine Marketing. This service is used to help make the company's Website easier to find in search systems.

This time, Search Engine Marketing will be divided into two things: Search Engine Optimization, or what is often abbreviated as SEO, and Search Engine Marketing SEM.

Where SEO is often used because the cost is cheaper, although the process is somewhat longer, as for SEM itself, the process is fast, and you have to pay for the service.

3. Social Media Marketing

Using social media as a digital marketing service has now become commonplace. The advantage of a social media platform like this is the cost of promotion that will be carried out later, making it more efficient and practical; some are even free. You could say this is one of the evolutions of digital marketing because it makes the marketing process much more accessible, more practical, and more economical. Of course, it can also increase the company's brand or the name of the product being offered.

4. Online Advertising

Compared to social media platforms, this online advertising service will be a promotional media using the internet for a fee. However, the advantage of this media is that it can attract consumers more quickly, with satisfying results. Although the price is relatively high.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing services that has been around for a long time. By sending an email like this, it becomes easier for you to provide various important information about existing promotions or new products or services that will be launched/introduced.

6. Video Marketing

This is one of the promotional media in digital marketing, which is quite widely used, is quite successful, and can attract more viewers and consumers. By making exciting videos, you can explain the business being run more clearly to consumers.

Those are some types of digital internet marketing and their explanations that are important for you to learn to understand and use these services better.

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