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Great Domains Make Great Brands

by Venny Putri
Choosing a domain name is a significant effort to build your brand or business. The first thing people will see through the site is the domain name. With careful calculations, a good domain name will increase user interest and drive web traffic.
When a brand brainstorms domain name ideas, it will consider names relevant to it. Still, they will also think of words that have a defining meaning about the product or service they are selling.
Tips for Making a Good Domain Name
  • Make a short and simple domain name. A short name will be easy to remember and easy to type. We recommend using 1-2 words.
  • Using keywords relevant to the product you are selling will help users search and recognize your brand.
  • Use the same or similar domain name and site name as your brand name. It aims so that users are not confused because after typing your domain name, they go to a different site.
A great domain doesn't only come from a complex language. Still, it can also come from a familiar language to those around us. When starting a business, think about words that can give your customers a vibe. For example, is one of the services you can use to create a domain name. Look for a unique domain and facilitate your business.

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