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Microsites Component - Image

by Admin

Add image components to your microsites.

1. Go to your Microsite click Edit.

2. Click Add New Component, and then click the Image.

3. Choose an Image from your computer.

4. Enter your link (social media or youtube channel) so that visitors are directly directed to the link.

5. Click Show Advance to more editing and enter the name of the content you want to write

6. Image Type, there are two options: 

     1. Full column

     2. Two columns (you can add two images)

(p.s: to add two images, add a new image component)

7. Image Placement, there are four options: 

     1. Full width 

     2. Centered

     3. Square contains

     4. Square cover

     5. Rounded Cover

     6. Rounded Contain

8. Image Width, to set the image size, select custom first.

  • Add content.

1. Bold or Italic text.

     Select text you want to bold

     Then click Bold or Italic.

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