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The total prize is up to 17 million rupiah! Take part in the microsite creation contest and register for free now!

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The URL shortening application and the microsite (s dot id) invite you to join the " microsite creation" competition. This competition takes place from April 22, 2022, to July 22, 2022.

With the theme "Microsite as marketing tools in the internet world," this activity is one of S.ID's steps in introducing microsites to the public regarding the benefits of using microsites from is a microsite creation service on the website. This microsite makes it easy for users, especially content creators or online businesses, to create a place that contains various links and be displayed on social media bios such as Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, and TikTok.

To introduce a microsite to the public, in this event, we invite you to create an exciting and unique microsite with a grand prize of 5 million rupiahs. Another requirement that needs to be done is that participants must spread the microsite link to the participant's social media so that the participant's microsite link is visited by many and must follow the social media account.

The microsites that are included in this competition are expected to be able to describe the contribution of as a URL shortening application and the creation of a microsite in supporting online marketing needs in this digital era.

This competition is open to the general public so that all Indonesian people can participate in this event according to the stipulated provisions.

Every microsite that is sent must not contain elements of SARA (Ethnicity, Religion, and RAS), pornography, or contrary to the norms that apply in society.


Participants create an attractive microsite.

Users are required to spread the microsite link that has been created to social media bios, WhatsApp, and telegram groups.

Participants must collect screenshots when sharing links to social media, WhatsApp, and telegram groups.

Users can register multiple microsites to being contested.

The participant's account email must match the microsite registered in the competition.

Participants must follow the social media account at

Register yourself via the form provided.

The Microsite link and the required terms are sent via the form.

For more information, please visit

Assessment criteria :

The jury will select 10 participants based on the highest number of unique visitors.

The jury will choose 3 participants with the most attractive microsite design.

The jury will choose seven lucky participants who will get consolation prizes.

Race Schedule:

Registration is open starting April 22, 2022, via the form

Registration closes on July 22, 2022, and the microsite statistics for the competition are counted until 00.00 WIB on July 29, 2022.

The competition winner will be announced on August 3, 2022, via social media, and the team will contact the winner.

Competition Prize:

1st Place Rp. 3,000,000 + merchandise worth 2 million.

2nd place Rp. 2,000,000 + merchandise worth 1 million.

3rd Place Rp. 1,000,000 + merchandise worth 1 million.

Entertainment Prizes for 7 participants get merchandise worth 1 million.

If participants do not understand how to create a microsite on, please visit the page to find out how to use and create a microsite.

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