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Trends 2022 Marketing Social Media Used by Celebrities Hits

by Admin
Social media marketing is one of the 2022 marketing trends that still exists from year to year, namely by utilizing a platform or website to sell a brand's business products. In the following, we will review some celebrity software commonly used to promote or endorse through favorite social media.

Who doesn't know this popular application? Instagram allows someone to share photos and videos with other users and can get engagement from these posts. Given the fame of this platform, many business people use it for promotion by the endorsement of celebrity hits or even artist board artists who have many followers.
Features usually used to endorse such as stories that can be viewed for 24 hours, feeds that are made aesthetic, video reels that are excellent and contemporary. And also short videos for advertisements, so you can also place advertisements officially on Instagram without going through a celebgram.
Because the primary basis of Instagram is photos and videos, business owners, as much as possible, make their products attractive through pictures so that they can attract the interest of consumers. Not infrequently that business people are willing to do photo shoots specifically for their products to get relaxed and eye-catching photos and videos.
The popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed along with the additional features that its users can take advantage of. For example, this application allows users to create short videos that others can see, such as singing, dancing, giving cooking tips. In addition, it can also be used to make interesting promotional videos.
Business people can also use the live TikTok feature to endorse celebrities who have many followers so that many people can better know your products.
Youtube is a platform that allows users to watch videos and share their videos. Through Youtube, you can share various information ranging from national news, celebrity news to the possible sharing of information related to your business.
Youtube is also a trend for 2022 digital marketing that business people use to endorse artists to promote their products through videos made by the artist.
This is a strategic way because fans or viewers will usually be interested in using a product if the product is used in everyday life by their favorite artist.
Not only that, but you can also advertise officially on Youtube if you need this strategy.
Although not as popular as Instagram hits, the existence of Twitter as a promotional medium should not be underestimated either. Usually, people use Twitter to do small promotions directed to e-commerce owned by a brand. Through Twitter, you can share exciting tweets to unique photos and videos.

Everyone knows and has probably used Facebook for social media. Facebook continues to innovate from year to year to develop its superior features, not to mention the special business features that you can use for promotion, namely Facebook Business.
Then, what if you want to use all these social media platforms to maximize promotions but don't have a simple place to unite all these social media in one place or link? This is the solution.
Microsite from S.Id
S.Id is a site that allows you to shorten URLs and create a mini website to put some of your social media links.
You can take advantage of the microsite feature from S.Id as a short promotional medium, such as a website containing several social media links and contacts to your business profile with a design according to your taste.
Microsite and several URLs that you can put in one container only, so customers can practically access one link to another social media link. Are you interested in trying, right? Visit to liven up the 2022 marketing trends through social media.

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