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Must try! 2022 Marketing Trends to Make Your Business Boom

by Admin
Marketing trends are constantly changing from time to time, along with the times and technology. So, for those who are engaged in the business world, you must be curious about the 2022 marketing trends that can make your business more famous and booming? Check out the following explanation.
Social Media
The existence of social media does not doubt its benefits and influence on all people, from children to the elderly. As is well known that social media is not only limited to communication tools but also very profitable for promotional activities of a business.
Even in 2022, social media use for promotion is still considered adequate to attract many new customers. Selegram software that is widely used, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, websites, and e-commerce, you can use as a digital marketing medium. In addition, you can take advantage of the features available on the platform to maximize your business activities.
Interesting Unique Links
The 2022 marketing trends that are no fewer hits and you should try are shortening the URL practically and can be customized yourself. To make these custom links, you can use the site, which can help you shorten long URLs from websites to short URLs.
The advantages of shortening the URL via include the custom links that you create, which are easier for customers to remember, easier to use by mobile users, easy to share with other users. They can also be tracked to see where consumers opened the link.
SEO Articles
Although it became a trend a few years ago, the existence of SEO articles is still a strategic way of marketing. It is undeniable that when someone searches on Google, they tend to choose article links in the top results. So, this is worth a try for those of you who have never tried to implement SEO for your business promotion.

In simple terms, a chatbot is a program or service that answers messages from consumers without having to reply one by one manually. The chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based program that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.
The way these chatbot works is the presence of keywords, where if a customer sends a message containing specific keywords, the customer will automatically get the appropriate reply. For example, when a customer asks, "Sis, can I ask for a price list for the product?" the customer who asks will get a reply regarding the price list that has been set.
This chatbot is very suitable for business promotion on a large scale, making it more efficient, effective, and cost-effective for recruiting customer service or social media admins.
Image Search
Although still not familiar, this image or visual search in the future will become a marketing trend that hits. Through this technology, consumers or internet users can search for something based on photos or images they have.
For example, you only have one photo of a fashion product that you don't know the brand or brand of, so using this visual search will help you find the product you're looking for, the product name, or even a store that sells that product.
AR (Augmented Reality)
In simple terms, AR is a technology that combines the virtual or digital world with the natural world that is accommodated in one application. Through AR, you can provide an exciting experience for customers to interact by virtually using or trying the products you offer.
Two thousand twenty-two marketing trends through AR technology have started to mushroom and are widely used by well-known brands such as cars, fashion glasses, decorating rooms virtually before buying goods; even the entertainment world is booming with AR technology to interact between idols and their fans.
Those are some of the 2022 marketing trends worth trying for your business promotion activities. Make sure that the selection of promotional media must be adjusted to your product type. Good luck!

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