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4 Sources of Income When You Become a Celebrity, Where From?

by Admin

Many say that Selebgram is a straightforward job and generates many rupiah coffers. But getting here, you will find that quality Celebgrams are very difficult to realize and have many demands. Of course, becoming a celebgram is not instant; building a reputation takes a long time.

If you want to become a Celebrity, you can determine your target audience first. In addition, of course, you have to know where to earn as a celebrity. So here's the information for you!

Brand Ambassador

The first source is to become a Brand Ambassador for a brand. Then, of course, you've often seen your favorite celebgram become a brand's BA. Most Brands use Selebgram because they have problems that match the Brand's goals, such as Brand Skincare for dry skin; they will make Selebgram with the same skin problems as their BA.

Of course, becoming a BA will make a celebgram earn an income with a written contract or agreement between the two parties. Not surprisingly, a celebgram often promotes a product for a long time because they are the BA of the Brand, and as income, they become a celebgram.

Endorsement is a source of income to become a celebrity

You already know the payment to become the next celebgram, namely endorsements from various businesses. Not surprisingly, a day, a celebgram can endorse more than ten products in a day because this endorser has a Rate Card or a relatively wide range of rates, depending on the desired post or story.

Endorsements on IG Stories are different from IG Feeds, so the more you want your products to be shown, the more expensive the endorsements will be.

Collab with Other Brands

Collab with a brand is also a source of income to become a celebrity. When doing a collab, you will find the Product Name x Selebgram Name, often promoted by the star. In contrast to endorsements, in the case of a collab, a celebrity also participates in designing products, starting from the product being an idea to becoming a tangible form that can be used.

As a celebgram, celebgram software is like software or an application that has the use of shortening a link and an application that allows you to have one link with the contents of other important links.

Of course, you have seen this very often; when you click on a link, all the information you want to share as a celebgram such as WhatsApp Manager, Website Links for the latest updates, and links containing product recommendations. It can be accessed very easily using, which is user-friendly, especially for Indonesian celebrities. With this software, the source of income as a celebrity will be more organized.

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