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Understanding and Types of Digital Marketing Media, Find Out Before Going in Business

by Admin
There are many types of digital marketing media that you can use to promote your business. As is well known, even this promotional model is becoming increasingly popular with the public for various reasons. One of them is because you can get the right target market while making a profit in it.
Even with the latest information technology, it is easier for you to start marketing activities. Various kinds of media choices turned out to be easier to find to support business activities as well as promotions.
As is well known, promotional or marketing activities are very important because they will affect your business's success. Not only that, but this activity can also function as a branding of the business.
What is Digital Marketing?

The development of the world turned out to affect various fields of life, including business activities. Where business people start to take advantage of the existence of digital marketing or commonly called digital marketing. Before discussing further, have you understood what digital marketing is?
If you take part in the digital marketing program or other campuses, you must be familiar with this term, right? Yes, this is one of the marketing strategies that utilize digital media as well as the internet. While the main goal of the marketing model is to quickly boost potential customers.
Because of the presence of the latest technology in the marketing field, many people are finally competing to build digital marketing for the business. Many companies finally compete to win the hearts of these consumers.
In implementing this marketing model, it turns out that several ways are usually done, including SEO aka search engine optimization, online advertising through FB ads and Google Ads, through social media, television, radio, email marketing, mobile marketing, and many more. Of course, each method has its advantages and disadvantages.
If previously it was a general understanding, then some experts also have their definitions in interpreting digital marketing. Here is the latest technology info that you must know well.
1. Ridwan Sanjaya & Joshua Tarigan
Based on the opinion of experts from Indonesia, digital marketing is a marketing activity including branding which uses various forms of media such as blogs, websites, email, and various other types of social media networks.
2. Heidrick & Struggles
Meanwhile, based on the opinions of the two experts above, they said that digital marketing would use the development of computer technology information as a medium for advertising in a way that was not heralded directly. But later it will have a big enough influence on the perpetrators.
Types of Digital Marketing Media You Need to Know

It is undeniable that knowing information about technology as a whole will indeed provide many benefits for you, right? If previously it was the understanding of digital marketing, then you need to understand what types of media are usually used for this one marketing model. So, we have summarized some important information for you below.
1. Search Engine Marketing
The presence of search engine marketing is even more sought after by companies because it is much more profitable, especially if you have a business website. Because the focus of this media is to make the company's website easy to find on search engines like Google.
The existence of this media is divided into two types, namely search engine optimization and search engine marketing. SEO itself is the most chosen because the time is much longer and the costs you have to spend are also much more affordable.
2. Website
There are still types of digital marketing media, namely websites. Where its presence itself does have a very important role for a company. Because it can show how the level of professionalism of the company concerned is, helping consumers to know more about your business and as a medium with a fairly minimal cost in it.
3. Email Marketing
Another type of media that you can use is email marketing. As the name implies, this marketing model will also take advantage of the existence of e-mail or electronic mail. This strategy is also very suitable for those of you who have a business-to-business model. Because it can reach the target market correctly.
4. Social Media Marketing
Are you still looking for a marketing model for your business? If so, you can also take advantage of the presence of social media marketing. Social media can no longer be separated from people's lives, both teenagers and adults have used it.
Now because the number of social media users is very large, it can be used as a medium for effective, fast, and cheap promotions. Several choices of social media applications that you can choose from such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. This is perfect for those of you who have a young target market.
5. Digital Advertising
If you want to get a digital marketing BNSP certificate, this one marketing media can also be considered. As the name implies, you certainly already have an idea about this type of promotion, right? Yes, digital advertising is also a type of marketing in the form of advertisements on various online channels, including websites and social media.
6. Affiliate or Dropshipping
Another strategy or media you can use to promote your business digitally is to open an affiliate or drop shipping program. When you decide to implement this strategy, it turns out that it will provide many advantages. Where you can get double the profit, including from drop shippers.
Advantages of Digital Marketing You Must Know
If you want your online business to be successful, you also need to understand gadget technology info and what type of media is the most appropriate for your business. It should be noted that the number of people who choose this type of marketing is not without reason, because its existence provides many advantages for the perpetrators, including the following.
1. Able to Help Save Costs
The first advantage that you can feel if you use this marketing strategy is that you can save on expenses. In the beginning, you will likely spend a large amount of capital but it will be worth the benefits later.
2. Efficient and Practical Branding Process
Branding activities need to be carried out by businesses or companies so that they are increasingly recognized by many people. Well, if you apply digital marketing correctly, it turns out that the branding process is much more practical. What's more, you can also determine who the potential target market is.
3. Does not require large amounts of human resources
The large number of human resources that must be hired does make you have to set aside extra capital for them. But if you want to cut the number of human resources, then we recommend using online marketing methods using various types of media above.
Having a business with great profit potential is certainly a desire for many people, including you, right? Well if so, make sure you determine what type of digital marketing media is the most appropriate.

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