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Microsite Theme and Background Styles

by Admin
Design a microsite that goes with the goal of your brand. Apply a background style for the microsite pages compatible with mobile devices. Choose an image and set your background to start designing your microsite.

  1. Go to Microsite > Edit > Setting.
  2. Choose your Microsite Theme.
3. Edit your Microsite Style

  • Background Image, select an image from your computer.
  • Background Style, there are three options (base, repeat, cover) to fit the image on your background. Modify the fit and position as needed.
  • Background Blur, there are blur level options (base, blur, more blur) to make the image on your background blurry.
  • Microsite Font, select or search for the font you want and then click
  • Button Color, Select the colors to change the component bar.
  • Background Color, select the colors of the background.
  • Background Dark, there are three level options (base, dark, darken)
  • Font Color, select a font color that you like and can be seen by other user.
  • Component Placement, there are two options (start and center) to change the position of your component.
After all the settings are changed, select Save.

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