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How to shorten with S.ID

by Admin
How to shoten for Public
Shortening URLs is extremely simple and requires just a few moments of your time with these three simple steps.
1. Visit Here
2. Please enter your Links, then click Short it!
3. Solve captcha challenge to Verify you are human.
4. Congratulations, your link is ready to use
5. If you want to copy your link, just click this icon.
6. if you want to share your link, just click the Share button

If you'd like to change the link or use all the features, you'll need to log in or register. See how to register.
How to Shorten for User
Customize your URL Shortener with features that give you better quality short links. Go to the Links, enter your long URL, and congratulations, your link is ready to use.
1. Log in to your existing account.
2. Click Links in sidebar menus.

3. Enter your long URL and then click Short It!

4. Congratulations, your link is ready to use.

Note: You can custom link shortener, copy to clipboard, view statistics for the last seven days, or share your shortened links to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or a QR code. See also Link Features.

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