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Get to know the link in the bio that is often called business people and influencers

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Do you often hear business people or social media influencers say about bio links? Curious about what and the various benefits for business? Come on, understand the concepts about the link in the bio below!

What is a Bio-Link?

This link bio is a link or URL that is added to the description section of a social media account profile. It aims to help followers or followers to open links to websites, product pages, content, and other essential things.

This bio link is essential if you are working on a project, promoting a product, pointing to the most recent article, the most recent product collection, or being a particular online promotion medium. So that viewers, audiences, or followers of social media accounts, can access the content quickly.

You can upload content to your feed, stories, or other content and write a link in your bio to direct your audience to access.

Why Should a Bio-Link Be Included?

There are several link functions in social media profile bios, especially for business people who will use social media to sell and promote their business:

- Direct consumers to a link or links where they can buy products on your brand.

- Direct the audience to the current promotion page or upcoming discount.

- Direct the audience to your brand's main page, e-commerce links, and online store websites.

- Direct followers or followers to the best-selling product pages in your online store.

- Link to popular blog featured or most recent articles.

- Direct consumers on how to download, buy, use the product, and so on.

- Tell your followers to participate in a giveaway or other marketing project.

- Direct audiences directly to a video, website, or podcast link that is otherwise.

- Share the link so your audience can get a free sample.

Different Types of Bio Links

- Promotion is to direct the audience to click on a link or link, and its contents are all product promotions.

- Company Site is a link in the bio which contains a website link from an online store or company website.

- Social Media Links contain other links from other social media for cross-promotion.

- Affiliate Link cooperation is a collaboration between Indonesian companies and those abroad. The link in question is the referral code link so that the user can get a purchase discount or commission on the cooperation platform.

The link in the bio can contain any purpose to find out, click it, then continue the related action. This includes personal website links, music streaming accounts, portfolios, online stores, etc.

It's about the bio link. If you want to start digital marketing with the link in bio but are still confused, you can use by registering first at It may be helpful.

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